The Joker: Madness Headband

I do believe that the movie is made from his Hallucinations PoV so the viewers «Sympathize» with him, twisting the narrative to be the «Victim» who can «Justify himself.» over his horrible actions. But theres One thing that always bothered me, Joker shoots a Smith & Wesson Model 36. A gun known for having only 5 bullets in the chamber, 10 times.

What you have here is perhaps one of the most transparently abusive relationships in comics. For Joker, Harley Quinn is little more than a plaything who will be disposed of the minute she ceases to amuse. A fact that he doesn’t even seem to hide from her, although she is often too infatuated to believe him until it actually happens.

  • The only light in his dismal life is a young single mother in his building named Sophie (Zazie Beetz), with whom he is secretly smitten.
  • As he famously declared in “The Dark Knight,” “I’m an agent of chaos.” To the Joker, chaos represents the ultimate expression of freedom, and he is on a mission to liberate Gotham City from the constraints of order.
  • Sure, he’s widely loathed and he’s tangled with many heroes over the years, particularly members of the ‘Bat-family’ and the Justice League, but for the Joker, they are merely obstacles.
  • The Colorado theater that was the site of a 2012 mass shooting during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises declined to screen Joker altogether, and Landmark Theaters banned patrons from attending screenings in Joker costumes.

The Joker sees Batman as the embodiment of everything he seeks to dismantle — the very symbol of societal restraint. This eternal struggle between order and chaos is the cornerstone of many Batman stories, and it brings a unique depth to both characters. The Joker firmly believes that everyone is just one bad day away from madness, and he revels in proving it. His infamous “social experiments” involve putting individuals in morally compromising situations, testing the very boundaries of their sanity.

Famously, he was able to seduce his psychotherapist at Arkham Asylum, Dr Harleen Quinzel (who really should know better considering where she works) convincing her into not only helping him escape but to join him as his loyal henchwoman, Harley Quinn. Since this return to his sociopathic roots, the Joker has made it his mission to be Batman’s personal tormenter, seemingly living only to undermine the caped crusader at every turn. This new and improved Joker is not even content to be a simple mass murderer and has turned to domestic terrorism to get the Bat’s attention, frequently unleashing an array of deadly biological agents on the denizens of Gotham. Over his publication lifetime, the Joker has undergone several shifts in his personality. In his first incarnation, he was a homicidal maniac who, while he did enjoy taunting Batman, was more focused on actually committing crimes for material gain. We have scanned 42 casinos in Netherlands, and we have not found Joker Madness (Spinomenal) on any of them at the current moment.

During these times, he has often expressed deep regret and self-loathing for the pain he has caused and the lives he has taken, which would seemingly dismiss any theories about both super sanity or superior morality. Phillips cited Martin Scorsese films like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and The King of Comedy among his influences when developing Joker, and Scorsese even served as co-producer during development before departing the project to focus on The Irishman. I actually forgot I was watching an origin story about a comic book villain—that’s how raw the film can be, particularly in its depiction of the sociopolitical turmoil of the early 1980s. So, the next time you pick up a Batman comic or watch a Batman movie, take a moment to appreciate the enigma that is the Joker.

Joker: Folie à Deux

Joaquin Phoenix turns in an Oscar-worthy performance as a failed stand-up comedian struggling with mental illness in Joker, Director Todd Phillips’ controversial interpretation of the classic Batman villain. The film won the coveted Golden Lion when it premiered at the Venice International Film Festival in August and raked in an impressive $247 million globally in its opening weekend. Halliday is quickly brought down by Batman, but the amount of destruction he unleashes is still startling. While the insane Joker has managed to terrorize Gotham City and even been a threat to the Justice League, Halliday manages to terrorize the entire multiverse, proving that the only thing worse than the Joker’s insanity, is apparently a sane Joker. Part of what makes the Joker one of the most dangerous criminals in the DC Universe is how insane he is, but recently DC revealed that the only thing more dangerous than an insane Joker is a perfectly sane one. Batman, with his unwavering commitment to justice and order, stands as the antithesis to the Joker’s chaotic worldview.

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Fortunately it is on a white wall so the unevenness isn’t too obvious. For slightly more competent assistance, Joker also has his sidekick Harley Quinn. To Quinn, the Joker is the love of her life, whom she often refers to as ‘Mister J’ or ‘Puddin’. She idolises the man and follows him without question in all but the most dire of circumstances. Unfortunately for her, this love is largely unrequited as the Joker, while claiming to have some affection for her, treats her as an easily replaceable means to an end. He’s also a talented interrogator and a master manipulator, able to intimidate or even trick others into revealing information that he requires.

His macabre laughter serves as a reminder that, in his eyes, life is but a cruel joke. I choose this one because i saw the design wrapped around the mug, rather than just being on one side. It’s a standard coffee mug, with well placed imagery on it and if you like monochrome you’ll love this.