Play Free Online Roulette Games No Download – whether the live dealer casino games or software version – is 100% random and fair. No ‘gods from Olympus’ or ‘fate’ had anything to do with you not hitting your number/colour. One pocket had to hit and it happened not to be the one you chose. Well, the great Sun Tzu was, but for this case, we are not talking about the type of strategies Sun Tzu believed in. We are referring to the popularized real money roulette strategy.

There are a number of revolving pictures right on the main site so that you know what events are currently available. One particularly interesting feature on the site is that they have progressive jackpots. This means that the money goes up and up until someone wins it. Examples of jackpots like this on the site include the Shopping Spree game, Bulletproof Babes, Dragons, Fruit Frenzy, Rain Dance, and others. In theory, the Martingale strategy works by doubling up after a loss to recover any past losses. However, like with any strategy, the Martingale system can’t be relied on or considered foolproof.

Luckily, lots of people have searched and found where the best places to play American roulette online real money are so you do not have to do the heavy lifting yourself. In these games, it is possible to bet on the roulette wheel itself by using the oval or ‘racetrack’ wheel on screen. This setup is more common during live dealer games or in physical casinos as it can ensure quick-paced gameplay, but you can find this feature on real money or free roulette games online.

This means that each spin of the wheel is an independent event and the outcome of one spin does not affect the outcome of the next. Find out which roulette bets offer the best payouts with our odds charts. Online free roulette and its real money counterpart are identical in terms of gameplay. Real money roulette, on the other hand, must be played with real cash stakes. You can play our free roulette game online right here, no download or registration needed. Our online roulette simulator is accessible on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.


There are over 20 types of bets you can make in roulette and learning them all when playing for real money isn’t sensible. Get up to speed with the roulette rules as well as the bets and payouts in practice and see what impact they have on each round. If you’re looking to play free roulette on your phone then downloading an app might be for you.

  • They also offer a nice suit of games from the reputable Rival Gaming.
  • Just like other table games and online slots, roulette games have their own language.
  • Heading to a European roulette table over an American one is a good starting point, as it takes the double zero out of the equation, so halving the house edge you’re up against.

Check out our explanations, betting odds and payout chart to improve your chances of winning real money when playing roulette online. The best casinos for roulette are the ones we’ve listed on this page. These licensed casinos offer both free online roulette games and real money roulette. Multi-Wheel Roulette takes full advantage of its online capabilities to deliver several games at once. Instead of placing your chips and waiting, you can keep the action going across different wheels. But you can use that table to bet across several spinning roulette wheels, usually positioned just above the table.

What real money roulette strategies like Fibonacci, Martingale, James Bond and the rest do is give you tips and nothing more. While they may have worked for some roulette players, we strongly advocate against putting all your hopes in them. If a real money roulette strategy has to work, or at least be believable, it needs to have a cool name.

The objective is to place your hand or foot on one of the colored circles and then wait for someone else to do the same thing. If you are successful in placing your hand or foot on a different colored circle than you originally chose, you get to stay put; otherwise, you have to switch places with the other person. As with all other betting systems, the average value of this system is negative. The game is centered around the camerawork, and the streams delivered in a 200 fps HD video. Better yet, they’ve included a slot motion replay of each round. There’s, however, a small difference, which arises when you have a zero as the result.If this happens, two rules are used to determine whether or not you receive your payout.

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Players compete against the dealer only and do not compare against other players. The hands are compared in terms of hand type, taem, and deng, in that order. Generally, hand type then the taem determine who wins.

  • For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.
  • Pok Deng, as a casino game, is likely to have a minimum and maximum bet limit set by the casino.
  • As mentioned, Pok Deng can accommodate a wide range of players from two to 17.

In addition, we also provide expats access to free articles where they can get helpful advice when they travel to the mentioned Asian countries. The website also comes with links to reliable online casinos that grants exclusive bonuses and promotions. Pok Deng supports two to seventeen players, including the dealer, but is recommended for three to nine players. One person may remain the dealer for several rounds or players can agree to switch off being dealer. There are several important factors that go into the scoring of a hand in Pok Deng. These factors include The meld type, the Taem, and the Deng.

Recently, many bookies offer Pok Deng game and receive enthusiastic support from players. Should the player’s starting hand has a taem made up of eight or nine, the player has a pok. The player must then announce it and show the cards face-up. Since this is already considered a good hand, the player is not allowed to draw an additional card. Each game is fairly short, lasting several seconds to a couple of minutes. Each player, except the dealer, places a bet using cash, chips, or small objects like wrapped candy and places that bet on the table in front of himself or herself.

Pok Deng, as a casino game, is likely to have a minimum and maximum bet limit set by the casino. Different casinos will generally set different minimums and maximums, depending on the expected funds of their clientele. Pok Deng uses the standard, Anglo-American 52-card deck. Jokers should be excluded from the 54-card Joker variant.

For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy. Yes, there exist multiple free online versions of Pok Deng. Some of the developers that offer these are Funky Games and Spadegaming.

If the dealer has pok, those cards are turned face-up and all players’ hands are compared to the dealer’s. Then the dealer may draw a card and then compare the rest of the players’ hands to his or her own. Initially, the dealer will be the first owner in the event that there is no one else in the room. But if there is a gambler who wants to be the owner It will have a condition of a small amount of funds according to the rules of the game.

Player Actions

On the event that the dealer has a pok, the cards are also turned face-up and compared against the player’s hands. The payout is twice the original bet because the winning hand has two deng. However, a pok of 5♠ 4♣, which has nine taem one deng, beats the pok deng of 9♠ 9♦. They are both pok, so the nine taem beats the eight taem, and the payout, one deng from the winning hand, is equal to the amount of the original bet. When all the bets are placed, the dealer will shuffle the card and will deal two cards to each player, with the dealer being the last. Afterward, the dealer will have to compare their hands against some of the players.

How to Play Pok Deng?

Do note that each game is fast and short, lasting only a couple of seconds. Players must be ready to place their bets in the form of chips, candies, drinks, or cash. The game is always against the dealer and not against the other players. Pok Deng is a card game that requires players to have a strategy and understand how to play. Because even if the player has strong cards in his hand, it is not certain that the player has received the victory. Each game of Pok Deng has its own surprises that make players unable to take their eyes off.

The first step of playing Pok Deng is by placing the bets. If you plan to gamble real money, make sure to do it discreetly or better yet avoid it all cost since gambling is strictly illegal in Thailand. Some Thai locals use candies, chips, or drinks as their bets. is a collection of guides covering rules and strategies for games. All of the guides are written by our in-house tabletop game experts and fanatics.

The dealer may draw an additional card before comparing the hands against the other players. Pok Deng, also known as Pok Kao, is a gambling card game popular in Thailand. Its main goal is to have a hand with a ones digit that can beat the dealer’s, whilst accounting for the pairs, three of a kinds, and flushes. It has excellent playing patterns and can accommodate two to 17 players including the dealer. When it comes to scoring against the dealer, players can beat, tie with, or lose. First, the players must compare the hand type, then the taem, and lastly the deng.