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Keeper Security provides mobile app and browser plugin applications that help both companies and consumers create and store secure passwords to keep their digital accounts safe. The company’s platform allows users to create custom two-step verification protocols for any site on the web and includes a digital security vault that lets users store and share important files securely. Hypori brings its customers Hypori Halo, an app that protects privacy, personal data and organizational data. Users install the app on their mobile device and then are able to securely access the data they need without any of that information being stored on the physical device. The company offers mobile app security testing, incident response and compliance solutions, all powered by scalable automation software that is purpose-built for mobile apps. Small and mid-size businesses remain vulnerable to the growing threat of cyber attacks, so Huntress fortifies their defenses.

cloud security companies

With an agentless approach, Wiz empowers security teams with comprehensive visibility and context, enabling them to proactively detect, prioritize, and prevent risks without impacting resource or workload performance. Another reliable option for you among top cloud security companies is VMware, a venerable provider of multi-cloud services for all apps. With a journey spanning over two decades, they empower enterprises with unparalleled control over their digital future. A master of acquisitions, VMware welcomed CloudHealth into its fold in 2018, fortifying its cloud governance offerings and enabling seamless integration with VMware workloads and public cloud services.

How To Choose a Cloud Security Company

The need for added protection against cyber threats has become more imperative than ever, which is why Deepwatch offers a suite of cybersecurity services and technologies to defend data. With the company’s solutions, organizations can monitor for threats, locate weaknesses and act quickly when viruses strike. Cloud security companies give businesses the security solutions to meet those needs, ranging from risk assessment, auditing, data encryption, user authentication, access control, and more.

Velotix Data Security Platform Integrates with Google Cloud’s … – PR Newswire

Velotix Data Security Platform Integrates with Google Cloud’s ….

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We innovate on behalf of our customers so they can move quickly, securely, and with confidence to enable their business. With AWS cloud infrastructure, and our broad set of security services, and partners, our customers integrate powerful security technology and control to enable their business to innovate securely. Cloud customers are given a variety of tools to manage security and data privacy in relation to their application & data hosted in SAP cloud services. Some procedures are specific to individual SAP cloud services, and it is up to the customer to use these tools effectively to improve security and maintain data privacy. SAP Identity provisioning services can also store custom data types, depending on the specific needs of the organization.

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Uptycs offers cloud security products that help users identify and mitigate risks to ensure they’re protected across a broad range of digital assets. The company also offers a managed detection and response services package, as well as training and other support services. Comcast and PayPal have been among the customers to trust Uptycs for their cloud security needs.

MITRE works with the U.S. government to provide an array of services, including cybersecurity. In developing more robust cyber defense applications, the company advocates for a  “balanced security posture” that combines classic cyber defense approaches with new cyber threat intelligence for quicker adaptation and response. Splunk provides enterprise security solutions to a range of industries from aerospace and defense to manufacturing and retail.

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For example, Cloudflare’s offerings enable secure hybrid work environments, with options like the Cloudflare Gateway to defend against phishing, ransomware and other potential cyber threats. For instance, customers have the option to utilize features like UI Masking and Logging within SAP S/4HANA environment (for an additional license), enhancing data security. UI Masking helps in obscuring sensitive data fields from users who don’t need to see them, adding an extra layer of confidentiality. Similiarly, Logging provides a transparent audit trail of user interactions with the system, contributing significantly to data integrity and accountability.

These cybersecurity protocols work in unison to prevent bot attacks, manage identities and secure all apps within an enterprise’s ecosystem. The following section provides a high-level overview of personal data, sensitive personal data, and business data stored in SAP cloud services. While the data types mentioned in this blog are just examples of cloud data types, they do not encompass details of every field that can be configured within the cloud services. Nonetheless, this information will assist in having a fundamental understanding of the types of data stored, thereby facilitating an assessment of security, compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Devo has a cloud-native SaaS platform designed to give security teams a clear view of all their data and digital assets. The Devo Platform applies micro-index technology to process up to thousands of simultaneous queries. Teams can also access a visual correlation engine to speed up the threat detection and response process even more. Oak9 is a SaaS cloud security company that focuses on upholding security standards while enhancing development agility and velocity.

Frankfurt 1 holds multiple certifications and connects to major carrier hubs, cloud networks, as well as to the DE-CIX. Strengthen your organization’s IT security defenses by keeping abreast of the latest cybersecurity news, solutions, and best practices. Meanwhile, other major cyberattacks that have affected top IT channel players have included the recent LockBit attack against CDW and the ransomware attack that took down ScanSource’s website for weeks earlier this year. And vendors with large partner bases such as Barracuda and Cisco have also been impacted, with major attacks launched exploiting vulnerabilities in some of their most widely used products. Geographically dispersed across the globe, these companies hail from diverse locations, weaving a global network of trust and expertise. From California’s Silicon Valley to the enchanting landscapes of Ukraine, each region contributes its unique touch to the world of cloud security.

Our top choices provide the following services:

By conducting audits and analyzing past attacks, the Carbon Black Cloud can emphasize areas of improvement and even predict new kinds of attacks. Companies can also work with Carbon Black’s team of operation analysts who provide more details about threats and attacks to provide a clearer picture of a business’ cyber situation. Red Canary’s cybersecurity technology continuously monitors a network’s endpoints, users and activity for threatening behavior. With in-depth analytics, the company is able to sift through waves of raw data to detect dangers. And if one client is impacted by a threat, Red Canary will review its other clients’ infrastructures for the same issue. The company’s platform also shares adversary intelligence, enabling businesses to understand malicious parties’ behaviors.

  • Extensive research and analysis were conducted to evaluate their performance, customer reviews, and industry reputation.
  • For instance, customers have the option to utilize features like UI Masking and Logging within SAP S/4HANA environment (for an additional license), enhancing data security.
  • With nearly $2 billion in venture funding, the fast-growing startup boasts one of the highest valuations of private security companies.
  • Having acquired Symantec in 2019, Broadcom became one of the best cloud cyber security companies boasting multiple cloud security solutions, catering to public and hybrid cloud workloads, storage, and containers.
  • Immersive Labs provides organizations with training and technical tools to best prepare teams against real-life cyber threat scenarios.

Splunk’s security products and solutions help make businesses aware of breaches, pinpoint their level of vulnerability to insider threats and assist them in detecting and blocking threats. Enterprise security today is all about secure remote access and protecting cloud security services providers cloud-based assets. That means enterprises need to deploy SD-WAN, secure access service edge (SASE) and zero trust network access (ZTNA). The rapid rise of remote work creates new security concerns and the need for new security controls to mitigate them.

Top Cloud Security Companies in 2023

The company’s platform can manage cloud data protection by identifying and classifying sensitive data, establishing control over data access and providing continuous monitoring to detect risks. While customers retain ownership of their data, SAP maintains its obligations as a data processor by protecting this data through various technical and organizational measures. SAP cloud services offer tools for authentication, role-based access control, and security audit logs, including read access logs and change audit logs. SAP maintains confidentiality, integrity, and availability controls to maintain robust protection of customer data.

cloud security companies

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